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MYKENS opened its doors in Issaquah's historic Gilman Village over 2 decades ago on July 1, 1984. The boutique was established as a result of a life-long passion for animals and a visit to the world's oldest and largest dog show (Crufts). The inspiration for a boutique that would appeal to true 'pet devotees' was born and a virtual paradise for pet lovers came to be.

In the Fall of 2006, MYKENS was presented with an exciting opportunity - a move to the charming seaside village of Langley, WA on Whidbey Island. The opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful setting was impossible to pass up.

MYKENS thrives on exploring the profound devotion between pets and their people. It's in the understanding of these emotional ties between consumers and their pets that continue to make MYKENS such a lasting force in the industry.

On a more personal note, my name is Karen Shetler, owner of MYKENS. Growing up, I learned the importance of having animals in my life and how much joy these furry friends bring to our everyday activities. After graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Psychology/Animal Behavior, it became very clear to me that I had an undeniable passion for these creature and it only made sense that I pursue a career involving them.

Currently, I share my home with a pair of sophisticated Birman cats; Echo and Paisley and a trio of fun-loving Shetland Sheepdogs; a boisterous boy named Dakotah and his supercharged sidekicks, Piper and Paityn.

Through each of them I have learned to appreciate the world around me in special and unique ways; from the tiny ant they draw my attention to, to the scent of an approaching rainstorm, to the total peacefulness that a snooze on my lap can bring us as best friends. They are truly my heart and soul.

It is my hope that the furry friends in your life continue to be your constant source of amusement, laughter, companionship and love.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to seeing you soon! Warmest regards, Karen

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FETCH! is an organization dedicated to providing dog owners of Island County with areas they are free to exercise their canine friends off-leash without disturbing others.

~Double Bluff Beach (S Whidbey)
~Marguerite Brons Memorial Park
 (South Whidbey)
~Patmore Pit (Central Whidbey)
~Clover Valley Dog Park
 (North Whidbey)
~Oak Harbor Dog Park
 (North Whidbey)

Whidbey Animals' Improvement Foundation (Coupeville). WAIF is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing Whidbey Island's homeless companion animals until loving homes can be found for them.

Adopt a homeless pet via a local/national network of shelters. This is an on-line searchable database.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (Lynnwood). PAWS shelters homeless animals, rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife, and empowers people to demonstrate compassion and respect for animals in their daily lives. Non-profit organization.

Humane Society of Seattle/King County
(Bellevue) - Non profit organization committed to providing resources and support necessary to build lifelong relationships between people and their pets.

Langley, WA
Find out what's happening in Langley, WA. Events, news and all kinds of helpful info.

Washington State Ferry Schedule
Mukilteo/Clinton sailing times

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